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recommendations are better than choice

Personalized recommendations for every customer.

Most products and services are offered with multiple options and service levels. Lacking a detailed understanding of nuanced differences, customers often choose a configuration that is suboptimal for them and suboptimal for the seller. Actifai cuts through the noise with individualized recommendations and rationales that drive customers to their best option.


Make the Right Offer the First Time

Actifai's modules combine industry-leading machine learning algorithms with unparalleled data sources and proprietary sales channel tools — so you can make the perfect offer for each customer, every time.


We source the key data to help a customer make their decision, including demographics information, what they want out of a product or service, and even competitive options to position optimally versus alternatives.

Trusted by leading sales & support teams, including:


Streamlined Solution

Actifai's cloud-based software platform is intuitive and easy to use. Customer service representatives, sales teams, and marketing teams use Actifai to optimize a variety of business processes within their functional areas.

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