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Improve Acquisition, Retention, and Upsells

Actifai works with leading telecoms to aggregate and integrate customer and prospect data, analyze how each element impacts customer choice, and recommend the best course of action to maximize ARPU and LTV.

Actifai offers industry-first modular solutions for our telecom partners

Actifai supports omni-channel interactions and includes several modules that can be deployed individually or collectively

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Acquisition / Prospect Offers

Uses state-of-the-art ML models to identify optimal offers to present to prospects to maximize ARPU and LTV.

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Retention / Save Offers

Ingests and analyzes demographic, behavioral, and competitive data at the individual household level to determine which customers are most likely to churn and what save offers will maximize ARPU and LTV.

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Upsells / Cross-Sells

Uses AI-driven propensity modeling and key criteria to suggest optimal upsell / cross-sell candidates and offers during both inbound and outbound calls, texts, emails, mailers, etc.

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Leverages data APIs and mapping functionality to determine if an address is serviceable, eliminating delays and allowing for immediate order placement.

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New Buildout

Scans and analyzes demographic and competitive data to identify attractive areas for new build-outs and quantify the associated financial impact.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Assesses, analyzes, and quantifies M&A  opportunities based on the attractiveness of the customer base and the market’s competitive positioning.

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Ingests and analyzes competitive prices and offers at the individual household level to support granular pricing strategy development.

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