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Using AI to Improve Customer Interactions

Actifai was created in partnership with a major cable operator that asked an important question on the mind of most industry leaders: “If we knew everything we could about our customers and prospects, what would we do differently?” 


Actifai applies artificial intelligence tools and technologies to the complex, expensive decisions that occur every day in cable sales, marketing, and customer care, such as: "What offer is most appealing to a prospect?", "What will retain this cancel-intentioned customer?", and "Can I service this location?"

Sales teams, marketing teams, and customer service representatives use Actifai to maximize ARPU and lifetime value at their firms.

Real world success

Actifai is creating measurable impact for our customers:

Case 1

A leading cable operator was looking for a more systematic, data-driven way of identifying what offer should be targeted to which prospect in order to increase yield. By leveraging Actifai’s granular response models and optimization engine during sales calls, customer service representatives were able to sell more easily and effectively, increasing ARPU by 14%+.

Case 2

A leading cable operator sought to better understand existing customers’ propensity to purchase add-ons / upgrades in order to up-sell and cross-sell more effectively. Actifai developed and implemented a robust machine learning model to identify when and to whom to market up-sells. Using Actifai technology, customer service representatives increased their sales rate by over 100%.

Our Product Philosophy

We’re a team of experienced executives, not just talented engineers and data scientists. We’ve built our product to reflect hard-learned lessons from making system investments pay off in real-world implementations, not just look good in the lab.

Take Data As It Is

AI solutions often gloss over the amount of effort needed to prepare data. We minimize internal IT effort by managing all data transformation and supporting flexible, simple ingestion and transfer methods.

Make Humans Perform Better

When people are the solution, as they are in many sales, marketing, and customer service processes, we provide key data, selling points, visualizations, and recommendation to improve outcomes.

Limit Operational Disruption

Change management is often a cause of AI deployment failure. We are laser focused on minimally disturbing existing processes, keeping change management efforts highly focused.

Get Feedback Quickly

Nothing goes exactly as you expect, so we structure our engagement model to pilot quickly, measuring financial impact and then designing the system to learn more and adapt further in quick cycles.

Actifai has unique origins

Created inside - a studio that creates high-performing AI software companies


Pre-built AI building blocks in:
Machine Vision, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data APIs.


Former executives of large global enterprises and a team of high performing data scientists and software engineers


Over $70MM in capital from top institutions and venture firms, deployed to build new AI solutions for customers

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